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Everage World Championship Karate

Why choose this school? With all the martial arts schools around today, you probably want to know what makes Everage World Championship Karate different. Our style stems from the Japanese form Goshin Jitsu. Goshin means "protection of the body" and Jitsu means "techniques". This style, combined with Sports Karate allows students to learn effective self-defense moves as well as enhance performance for competition.

Our Purpose: The purpose of Everage World Championship Karate is to develop each student into the best person and martial artist he/she can be. We strive to increase each student's confidence (to overcome any struggles), self-discipline (to bring out the best in themselves), and integrity (to always show honesty).

Great for kids: Our after school program is dedicated to helping your child gain confidence and better concentration. Confidence helps them to avoid peer pressure and get along with others. Concentration helps them to perform better in the classroom. That's why these critical areas are a major focus in our children's classes. Call us today to find out about our children's after school program.

Fun and more: Don't worry, it's not all serious. Here, students of all ages make lasting friendships, enjoy pizza parties, summer camps, and more. Our students not only learn, but have the most fun too.

Adult classes: Here, adults can also benefit from our specialized karate training. Adults too will gain many useful self-defense skills and improved physical fitness. We highly recommend family involvement as this is a great way for the entire family to share a common, fun activity. Not only does the adult program promote a healthier self-image, but it can also be a useful stress management tool. So what are you waiting for? Come and discover the benefits of a healthier you.

For more information, call (585) 298-1063 or add us on Facebook at: Everage Karate


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EAST ROCHESTER: 435 West Commercial Street, East Rochester, NY 14445  //  Phone/Fax: 585.203.0367

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